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About us

Fusion Recycled Plastic is a sister operation to global aquaculture equipment supplier, Fusion Marine Ltd. Through our work in the aquaculture sector supplying high quality polyethylene fish farm pens, it soon became apparent that there was need to recycle old pens that had become redundant so as to prevent them from ending up as harmful landfill. Through a combination of refurbishing old equipment and the actual physical recycling of plastic material for re-use in other applications, Fusion Recycled Plastic was born.


Mission Statement To help minimise the landfill disposal of non-biodegradable plastic material by recycling into a range of versatile outdoor products so as to ensure a greener and more sustainable future


Recycled plastic is an incredibly versatile and environmentally friendly product. Did you know, for example, that a scientific life cycle analysis to manufacture and dispose of a palisade fence made from pressure treated wood compared to one manufactured from mixed waste recycled plastic found that the plastic option saved enough energy to boil 18.5 tonnes of water!

Our experienced team has used it expertise and design knowledge to develop a wide range of innovative products made from recycled plastic including outdoor furniture, decking for both aquaculture and leisure uses, as well as fences, posts, boardwalks, and a range of other associated equipment. We now supply a wide range of organisations with these products including nature reserves, local authorities, leisure operators such as caravan parks, visitor centres and many other recreational operators.

We are particularly proud of our reputation for developing and manufacturing individually designed products for customers so as to meet their requirements. So, even if you don’t see a product on this website that specifically meets your needs, please get in touch with us and we would be happy to explore the potential of developing a cost-effective and green solution.