Recycled plastic boardwalk aids in establishment of new path for Dalriada Project

Sections of boardwalk made from recycled plastic have been installed as part of the pathway network for an innovative project in mid-Argyll designed to promote the area’s unique heritage. The Dalriada Project was established in 2006 with the aim of enhancing the natural and cultural heritage of the Dalriada area in mid-Argyll, including the creation [...]

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Recycled plastic boosts course maintenance programme at Moray Golf Club

One of Scotland’s most prestigious golf clubs is reaping the benefits of using environmentally friendly recycled plastic as part of its course maintenance programme. Moray Golf Club at Lossiemouth has been using recycled plastic planking supplied by Fusion Marine to reinforce the sides of a 700 yard long ditch that cuts across the course. Anti-slip [...]

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