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Design & Fabrication

Fusion Recycled Plastic has a vast knowledge of plastics built over years of practical use for different applications. As a result we are able to help customers with potential product design and developments.

Using the latest CAD technology we have the ability to quickly take designs from a conceptual and rough sketch stage and turn them into a more accurate visual representation. From here we can analyse the design and perform any necessary improvements before putting them into a format for production.

Pre-Fabrication and Assembly
At Fusion Recycled Plastic as well as material supply we also have the facilities and ability to help customers with pre-fabrication and assembly of large projects and jobs.

To date we have helped pre-fabricate a range of different projects in our factory from multiple sections of boardwalk to raised planting beds. This can be useful for clients with limited workshop facilities and minimises installation time and tool requirements onsite.

DIY Tool kit Essentials

The following tools are some of those recommended for use during general construction with recycled plastic materials. Most common joinery techniques and practices can also be applied also during construction.

  • Ball of string/marker pegs
  • Spirit level
  • Spanner/socket/drill bits
  • Spade/pinchbar/pick
  • Pen/pencil
  • Claw hammer
  • Power/woodsaw
  • Tape measure
  • Fixings
  • Power drill
  • Medium/coarse file
Development of Initial Concept   
Generation of Layout Drawings
Design Construction   
Completed Design