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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the material float? 2016-09-29T14:25:07+00:00

Yes under the correct circumstances

What are the best type of fasters to use? 2015-08-26T16:57:29+00:00

Generally we would advise that stainless steel fasters would be used with our products especially those to be used in any marine applications. By doing this you remove the need for any maintenance. We would also advise the use of pilot holes

What are the best cutting and drilling methods? 2016-12-16T13:55:47+00:00

Slow, sharp and steady. We have found over the years of working with different grades of material how different it is to wood. It’s generally much softer but retains heat more than wood so can bend cutting blades and blunten drill bits very easily if not used properly. All other basic principles of joinery should be applied.

How do I clean it? 2017-04-05T15:40:05+00:00

Warm water with a small dose of house hold cleaning liquid or a suitable pressure washing system

What maintenance does recycled plastic material require? 2018-02-20T16:50:39+00:00

For recycled plastic the maintenance is very little, only the need to wash it every now and again.

Will the material rot like timber? 2015-08-26T16:55:05+00:00

Timber materials can be affected by bacteria, fungi and insects by being eaten and chemical attacked from excreta. Tests have shown no visible sign of attack on our recycled plastic that have been submerged in soil for seven years

Does the material chip? 2015-08-26T16:54:39+00:00

Due to the material having very good durability properties it won’t chip either.

Does the material crack or split? 2015-08-26T16:54:06+00:00

The material doesn’t absorb moisture so is not affected by cracking or splitting like concrete or wood.

Will the plastic expand and retract with heat? 2015-08-26T16:53:30+00:00

Recycled plastic experiences thermal expansion the same as any material and a ±5% fluctuation in dimensions should be allowed for during installation

Will the material fade over time? 2017-04-05T15:40:05+00:00

If exposed to direct sun light over time the material will change colour slightly but the material mix has had UV stabiliser to it so that it doesn’t harm any of its properties

What colours does it come in? 2015-08-26T16:52:04+00:00

Our recycled materials come in different shades of Black, Brown, Grey and Green.

What’s the life expectancy of recycled plastic material? 2015-08-26T16:51:25+00:00

The serviceable life of our products are expected to be greater than 50 years subject to conditions of use

What’s recycled plastic material made from? 2015-08-26T16:50:41+00:00

Our recycled plastic products are made from >98% recycled HDPE/LDPE/PP plastic ranging from old drinks containers to car bumpers to old packaging etc.