Fusion Recycled Plastic supplies pontoon to Lochgoil Water Sports Club

Lochgoil Water Sports Club in Argyll is benefiting from a new 56m long pontoon that will enable access to the loch for its members at all states of the tide.

Manufactured and supplied by Fusion Recycled Plastic, the pontoon is made from tough polyethylene (PE) and features thick walled flotation pipes for buoyancy. Anchored to the shore by a concrete plinth, the flexible nature of the PE enables it to slope down the beach and rise and fall with the tide. There is no requirement for a ‘truss bridge” which would be needed for more traditional wood and metal jetty designs.

Jim Peddie, Chairman of Lochgoil Water Sports Club said: “We are delighted with the new pontoon, which has already been well received by our members. It enables easy access to moorings and is great for loading boats with equipment and supplies. It is available to non-members and assists less able individuals to enjoy boating.
“It is also situated right next to the boatyard and will play a very useful role when taking craft in and out of the water.”

The slip resistant decking on the pontoon is made from recycled plastic and it features handrails, cleats, life-ring and safety ladder. The supply and installation of the pontoon was funded by Lochgoil Water Sports Club members with financial support from The Crown Estate’s Marine Stewardship Fund and National Lottery Awards For All.

Fusion Recycled Plastic prefabricated the modular pontoon sections at its manufacturing base near Oban, with final assembly taking place on-site at Loch Goil.

Iain Forbes of Fusion Recycled Plastic said: “These polyethylene pontoons are incredibly versatile and can be sited in a wide variety of coastal and freshwater locations where there is a shelving beach. Their all-plastic constructions means they will not corrode and are low maintenance, providing a convenient and cost effective means for boat users to gain access to the water.”

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