Long lasting memorial benches from Fusion Marine

Losing a loved one is always a tremendously sad and difficult time and finding a way of ensuring a suitable remembrance is often top of people’s minds.

Memorial benches made from environmentally friendly recycled plastic are one of the most popular ways of doing this, and as well as forming an appropriate remembrance, they also serve the community well as a place to sit and relax.

We supply a range of memorial benches made from recycled plastic. They make ideal memorial benches because of their long-life and low maintenance. Engraved metal plates are easily mounted onto the benches.

The appeal of such benches lie in their attractive appearance combined with the fact that they are environmentally friendly and last much longer than wooden alternatives.

We have been supplying memorial benches to both private customers and local councils for several years now and have received tremendous feedback on their sleek design and appearance, as well as their longevity.

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