New pontoon for Creran Marine will benefit resident yachts in Loch Creran

Creran Marine, the Argyll based yacht storage and mooring specialist, has installed a new pontoon that will greatly benefit resident yachtsmen and other boat operators by improving marine access for users.

The 46m long floating pontoon installed by Fusion Marine is made from tough recycled plastic and polyethylene and will enable easy and continual access for resident yachts and their tender dinghies for loading and offloading purposes. Previously, the main access point was a slipway, but this new pontoon will now provide a much more convenient access point.

Creran Marine, which is a small family run boatyard based on Loch Creran near Oban, provides safe seasonal moorings for long-term customers with excellent access to the cruising waters of Scotland’s West coast and sheltered on-shore winter storage. According to Ewen McGillivray of Creran Marine, the new pontoon will prove a major bonus for the resident yachts.

“This new pontoon will prove a major benefit for our customers and will make loading and unloading by yachts and access to our facilities much easier,” he said. “It will also help when taking yachts ashore for storage.”

The flexible nature of the individually designed pontoons from Fusion Marine enables them to be sited on shelving beaches and other coastal locations. As the tide drops the pontoon follows the contours of the foreshore, providing the perfect answer for businesses and other operators looking to attract visitors or gain easy round-the-clock access to the sea, providing a suitable freeboard and access at all states of the tide.
The pontoons are ideal for hotels looking to attract leisure craft; mooring associations and yacht clubs; community associations; country estates; angling and leisure boat operators and fish farming operations.

Iain Forbes of Fusion Marine said: “The tough construction of these pontoons keeps maintenance costs down. They also offer excellent stability and can be adapted for a wide variety of situations. They are a great way of boosting business by attracting yachts and offering options such as boat or fishing trips.”

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