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Leisure Pontoons

Convenient marine and freshwater access

Fusion Marine pontoons provide the ideal means for convenient and cost effective marine and freshwater access in a variety of locations, including remote coastal areas.

Fusion Marine Pontoons are ideal for a wide variety of business and leisure applications and have the capability to transform a shore location.

Typical uses include:

  • Hotels looking to attract leisure craft
  • Mooring associations and yacht clubs
  • Community associations
  • Outdoor activity centres and country estates
  • Angling and leisure boat operators
  • Fish farming operations

Key features and benefits:

  • Low Maintenance
  • Oil and chemical resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Acts as a natural fender preventing abrasion damage to boats
  • Unobtrusive colour, blends into environment
  • Modular design so gives option to increase size over time
  • Access at all states of tide
  • Hidden mooring arrangement negates need for support piles/posts
  • Ability to run hidden water and power lines to convenient points
  • Slip resistant decking
  • Thick walled PE flotation pipes for buoyancy
  • Flexible and tough construction
  • Adaptable for a variety of coastal locations
Pontoon Size 315 450
PE Flotation Pipe 4 x Ø315mm 6 x Ø315mm 4 x Ø450mm 6 x Ø450mm
Gross Buoyancy Per Metre (Kgs) 320 480 650 975
Length No limitation to overall length
Deck Width 1950mm 2970mm
Overall Width 2200mm 3020mm
Freeboard 250mm 450mm
Handrail Fixed PE/Rope/None
Hammerhead Optional/Sizes available upon request

We pride ourselves on our innovation and development skills in producing a wide range of bespoke equipment made from polyethylene and recycled plastic. Using the latest CAD software technology, our experienced in-house design and development team, combined with our expertise in plastics technology and project management, enables us to operate in a diverse range of industry sectors.