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These incredibly tough but natural looking board profiles are perfect for landscapers, professional gardeners or even the keen amateur looking to create an effective but attractive feature.

Our profiles are ideal for fencing and can be used for birds mouth fencing, standard fencing and screens. The profiles can be cut, screwed, nailed and bolted just like timber, but have many advantages over timber. For fencing products, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We have a large and varied range of profiles available in black, grey and brown. The table below details all sizes and colours in the range. There is no minimum order level.

Description Length
Thickness (mm) Weight
Qty per Pallet
Profile 2800 120 35 10.9 120
Profile 2800 105 45 12.3 120
Profile 3000 125 50 16.5 64
Profile 3000 150 50 20.0 60
Profile 3000 100 60 16.0 70
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