Recycled plastic boardwalk aids in establishment of new path for Dalriada Project

Sections of boardwalk made from recycled plastic have been installed as part of the pathway network for an innovative project in mid-Argyll designed to promote the area’s unique heritage.

The Dalriada Project was established in 2006 with the aim of enhancing the natural and cultural heritage of the Dalriada area in mid-Argyll, including the creation of a network of paths to improve public access to areas of interest.

This included the establishment of a 20km path linking Carnasserie Castle to Cairnbaan. Many parts of the terrain, particularly the path section south of Dunadd – the historical centre of Dalriada – are boggy and thus required the installation of boardwalk sections to help keep feet dry and prevent damage to fragile flora.

Rather than opting for traditional wood, the Dalriada Project commissioned Upland Contracts Ltd to install boardwalk sections made from recycled plastic manufactured by Oban-based Fusion Recycled Plastic. This material was chosen because recycled plastic was considered a highly sustainable solution for the project, given that it is tough and durable, and lasts much longer than wood.

Boardwalks made from recycled plastic are also low-maintenance, rot-proof and feature anti-slip surface textures.

Fusion Recyled Products manufactured and supplied approximately 500m of 1.2m wide boardwalk, split into 16 sections of varying lengths. Most areas of the route are inaccessible by vehicle, resulting in the various board sections being airlifted by helicopter onto the site. Stainless steel fixings were used to help ensure the longevity of the sections.

Stephen Divers, managing director of Fusion Recycled Plastic said: “The sheer durability and long-life of recycled plastic boardwalks makes them much more cost-effective than wooden alternatives.

“There is an incredible diversity in the range of uses of recycled plastic for outdoor applications – for example, as well as walkways, we have supplied the product to create fences, picnic tables and benches.”

Boyd Henderson, managing director of Upland Contracts said: ”The boardwalk sections blend in with the natural surroundings very well and have played a crucial role in ensuring that the path route could be successfully completed.”

Will Self, Project Officer for the Dalriada Project, said: “We are delighted with the creation of this new path, which provides access over extremely difficult terrain in a very beautiful area.”

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